Brand Development Case Study

Travelers Aid

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.” Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Client Goal: After almost 100 years, Travelers Aid needed a refresh. Their focus was on serving those who needed assistance, and not necessarily attracting new donor support.

Enter Savvy.

We started with a facelift. After researching, testing, and creating approachable color palettes and welcoming photographs, a brand-new logo was created. Next, we brought in all sorts of people who have been impacted by the organization (from board members to new mothers!) to tell their stories in front of our film crew. A conversational-style interview had the participants relaxed and open, their stories evoking more than one teary eye in the room. These stories were edited and given life with branded animation and color treatments. After being placed on the newly-designed website and revamped social media pages, Travelers Aid was ready to share its stories in a way the Pittsburgh community hadn’t seen before.

Backed by a fresh look, Savvy utilized its connections in the news industry to land interviews and recognition on Pittsburgh Today Live, KDKA Radio, Pittsburgh Senior News, and more.

An increase in personal donations and corporate sponsorships aside, Savvy developed a brand voice for this nonprofit that traditionally hadn’t sought or received much public recognition. Savvy helped Travelers Aid find its voice and to reach out to the Pittsburgh community in a new and refreshing way.

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