Graphic Design Case Study

Federated Hermes

“Visuals are memorable and effective, because they help people process, understand, and retain more information more quickly.”

Client Goal: Sometimes information is complex, but needs to be shared in a simple way. From internal sales teams and financial advisors to end consumers, Federated Hermes needed to communicate to a variety of people in a manner that made sense to each.

Federated Hermes is a long-standing and highly trusted financial services firm, leaving no room for error.

Savvy became part of the Federated Hermes team to navigate the complex regulations of the financial services industry. We married the data-driven world of the financial industry with creative visual solutions to showcase complex financial concepts and trends. Infographics told the story about current market conditions while easy-to-read design elements in data visuals gave consumers the information they needed – whether they needed to review it with a fine-tooth comb or at a glance.

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