PR, Events & Sponsorships Case Study

AC Hotel

People know when a brand isn’t being genuine. We can help you find where your true brand and your ideal audience intersects.

Client Goal: Clients AC Hotel Pittsburgh and its Level 7 lounge gain followers and build brand awareness with young, stylish professionals – all while executing well-attended events.

92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising. – Big Commerce

With this staggering stat in mind, we forged and nurtured natural relationships between the client and local influencers/businesses based on style, brand, and number of engaged followers. Each partnership had an “AC Hotel” flavor that connected with existing audiences, achieving high engagement and genuine interest.

The AC Hotel’s overall services, ribbon cutting, and grand opening party were highlighted through social media, articles in local newspapers, and partnerships with local organizations like the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, growing their social media platforms from 0 followers to more than 1,900 nearly overnight. Combined with a photography partnership that resulted in over 400 photographs and dozens of local partnerships, the hotel will continue to prosper from the boots on the ground work Savvy provided.

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