Natalie Bencivenga

Public Relations Strategist
Natalie Bencivenga, Public Relations Strategist

Natalie Bencivenga brings her years of experience as a journalist to guide her expertise as the Public Relations Director at Savvy Pittsburgh. With over a decade of experience, Natalie supports a wide range of clients in the retail, nonprofit, healthcare, corporate, and entertainment industries.

Natalie is the former SEEN editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She has broadened the reach of SEEN by expanding on the kinds of events to showcase more of Pittsburgh’s communities and the good work being done by all types of people in the city.

In addition to reporting on the city’s social scene, Natalie co-hosted, co-produced and co-edited her mid-Atlantic Emmy nominated lifestyle Web show “Setting the SEEN.”

Natalie also regularly guest co-hosts and contributes to Pittsburgh’s largest morning show: KDKA-TV’s morning television program “Pittsburgh Today Live.” She is also a regular guest contributor to KDKA Radio, and has appeared regularly on national media platforms such as Fox News and XM Radio. She has penned regular columns for The Huffington Post, CosmoGirl, and among others.

Natalie pens the nationally digitally syndicated “Ask Natalie” for the Universal Press Syndicate, the home of Dear Abby and Miss Manners, and debuted at number three on the site. The column is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s weekly advice column, and she produces, directs, hosts and edits the bi-weekly video series “Ask Natalie” that tackles broader social and relationship issues.

From 2016-2019, she produced and hosted The BROADcast Podcast, a Golden Quill-nominated podcast with journalist Kim Lyons that is aimed at amplifying women’s voices.

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